Brain, lung surgeons interested in using needle technology

If successful, the needle microscopes could be rolled out in operating theatres around the world within a decade. Associate Professor Robert McLaughlin says pathology testing will always be required after surgery to remove cancer, even if the [...]

World accolades continue for microscope-in-a-needle scientist

Australian scientists have developed the world’s smallest hand-held microscope, which is capable of detecting cancer cells often missed by surgeons during operations to remove breast cancer tumors. Researchers at the University of Western [...]

World’s First Liver Transplant Chain saves 3 child

Gist: Chain of liver transplant surgeries saves three children The world’s first transplant chain, first-of-its-kind chain of liver transplants in the world, saving the lives of three children Six simultaneous liver transplants save lives [...]

India’s first robotic liver surgery on donor saves kid

For the first time in India, a robot has been used successfully for liver transplant. Doctors at Medanta Medicity Hospital in Gurgaon have performed the robotic surgery to take out a portion of the liver of the donor to be transplanted in a [...]

Scheme for children with cancer soon

The State Government will soon announce a scheme under which free treatment will be provided to children suffering from blood cancer. Children below 12 years will be covered by the scheme. State Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma informed this [...]

Seven test tube twins born in 12 hours to create world record in Bulandshahr

Fourteen test tube babies were born using the in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure to seven childless mothers in Bulandshahr. Gist: Uttar Pradesh doctors have set a new world record. Fourteen test tube babies were born using the in-vitro [...]

Home therapy is key to ‘normal life’ with HAE

People with a rare genetic condition called hereditary angioedema (HAE) can lead a normal life with home therapy, experts say. Unexplained swellings, excruciating pain and days spent vomiting or in bed. These were the kind of symptoms Rachel [...]

Statins prevent cancer in heart transplant patients

Statins prevent cancer and reduce death from all causes in heart transplant recipients, independently of cholesterol levels, says a new study. Frank Enseleit, deputy director of heart failure and transplantation at University Hospital in Zurich, [...]

Doctors need to be empathetic

To get fulfilment in life, one has to enrich it with a lot of experiences, engagements and sufferings, and it is important for a doctor to know suffering, said noted cardiologist from Macedonia Sasko Kedev, delivering the inaugural address at [...]

Testing for Disease, for Under a Penny, Using Bits of Paper

While other scientists successfully shrank beakers, tubes and centrifuges into diagnostic laboratories that fit into aluminum boxes that cost $50,000, George Whitesides had smaller dreams. BIG DEAL A nonprofit company produces diagnostic [...]