Parenting with Pets: Cat cures young boy with selective mutism

The seven-year-old boy trapped in a silent world… until his cat Jessi taught him to speak When Lorcan Dillon uttered the words ‘I love you’, for the first time, his mother Jayne was understandably elated. ‘I was so moved, but I had [...]

Doctors use superglue to save baby with brain aneurysm

A 20-day-old baby born with a deadly aneurysm has been saved with the help of superglue. A quick-thinking and enterprising doctor University of Kansas Hospital was able to save the baby life with the help of a commonly known household substance: [...]

Study Digs Into Secrets of Keeping HIV in Check

Patients known as ‘elite controllers’ fend off AIDS for years A small number of HIV-infected patients have immune systems that are able to keep AIDS at bay by preventing the virus from reproducing for years, and researchers are reporting [...]

Zebra fish’s self-healing could help spinal injury victims

Findings in a new study revealed that zebra fish, Danio rerio, has been graced with a special characteristic. It has been recovered that the fish has a special protein, which provides the fish with a self-healing ability. The tropical [...]

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial held Speaker bats with House Forum

The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day was observed today at Lamyanba Shanglen, Palace Compound and Manipur Dramatic union hall, Yaiskul Police Lane under the aegis of different organisations. As chief guest of the Lamyanba Shanglen [...]

Doctors need to be empathetic

To get fulfilment in life, one has to enrich it with a lot of experiences, engagements and sufferings, and it is important for a doctor to know suffering, said noted cardiologist from Macedonia Sasko Kedev, delivering the inaugural address at [...]

In Thailand, an Innovative Fight Against Cervical Cancer

Maikaew Panomyai did a little dance coming out of the examination room, switching her hips, waving her fists in the air and crowing, in her limited English: “Everything’s O.K.! Everything’s O.K.!” Translation: The nurse just told [...]

Over 50 bitten by stray dogs in city every day

GURGAON: While the city observed World Rabies Day on Wednesday, the dog menace remains a big problem in Gurgaon where on an average, more than 50 people get bitten by stray dogs on a daily basis. Gurgaon has more than 50,000 stray dogs, yet [...]

High cholesterol levels in both men & women: survey

Both men and women aged between 25 and 45 in Pune and Mumbai have alarmingly high cholesterol and triglyceride levels in their blood — both considered risk factors for heart diseases, says a survey conducted by Golwikar Metropolis Healthcare [...]

New personalized therapy to ‘fool cancer cells into killing themselves’

A Wayne State University School of Medicine researcher has developed a personalized therapy that will fool cancer cells into killing themselves. Developed by Karli Rosner, assistant professor and director of Research in the Department of Dermatology, [...]