Silicon trick for next-gen memory

Researchers have revealed details of a promising way to make a fundamentally different kind of computer memory chip.The device is a “memristor”, a long-hypothesised but only recently demonstrated electronic component.A memristor’s [...]

Partial lunar eclipse on Monday, no show in India

A partial lunar eclipse will grace the night sky tomorrow but astronomy lovers in India will miss the event as the celestial phenomenon will not be visible from any part in the country. “The eclipse will be partly visible from western [...]

Seven test tube twins born in 12 hours to create world record in Bulandshahr

Fourteen test tube babies were born using the in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure to seven childless mothers in Bulandshahr. Gist: Uttar Pradesh doctors have set a new world record. Fourteen test tube babies were born using the in-vitro [...]

PROBA-2:Proposals invited for the PROBA-2 Guest Investigator Programme

The Royal Observatory of Belgium is soliciting proposals for analysis of data from PROBA-2’s two solar observation instruments, SWAP and LYRA, under its Guest Investigator Programme. Proposals in response to this Third Call for Ideas [...]

From Cubicles, Cry for Quiet Pierces Office Buzz

Jennifer S. Altman for The New York Times. Barrie Berg, the chief executive of American operations for What If, in one of the diner-style booths the firm installed in its Manhattan office. “There’s something very satisfying about a booth,” [...]

Black Hole Caught Red-Handed in a Stellar Homicide

Astronomers have gathered the most direct evidence yet of a supermassive black hole shredding a star that wandered too close. NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer, a space-based observatory, and the Pan-STARRS1 telescope on the summit of [...]

Cramming for Degrees in Hybrids

TEAM SPIRIT From left, Ohio State’s EcoCAR 2 team members Travis Trippel, Katherine Bovee and Amanda Hyde with the Saturn Vue that finished second in an earlier competition. LIKE many college students, Katherine Bovee, a master’s [...]

Exercise modifies brain to help weight loss

A study examining the neuro-relationship between exercise and diet has found that in addition to fostering healthy eating habits, exercise also increases people’s sensitivity to signs of fullness and satiety and helps overcome food temptations. According [...]

Tracking diseases from anthrax to cholera

Scientists’ ability to track deadly pathogens got an unexpected and enormous boost from the race to sequence the human DNA blueprint, or genome. Technologies developed at great expense for human sequencing can now spell out a bacterium’s [...]

Science decodes ‘internal voices’

The studies focused on a part of the brain associated with sounds called the superior temporal gyrusResearchers have demonstrated a striking method to reconstruct words, based on the brain waves of patients thinking of those words.The technique [...]