Chennai ATC enjoys the navigation of entire South Indian skies

Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) in Chennai now have the entire South Indian region on their radar screens. Thanks to a highly advanced integrated radar technology that became accessible from Thursday last, flight movements above 26,000-46,000 [...]

Without Driver Or Map, Vans Go From Italy To China

Across Eastern Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and the Gobi Desert — it certainly was a long way to go without getting lost. Four driverless electric vans successfully ended an 8,000-mile (13,000-kilometer) test drive from Italy to China — a [...]

Apple takes gulp of strong, glossy Liquidmetal

Apple takes gulp of Liquidmetal, a strong, glossy new material, but plans are secret. Apple Inc. is getting exclusive access to an exotic metallic material that could provide it with shiny, super-tough computer and phone casings. Liquidmetal [...]

Low-cost PCs fail to boot up fast in India

The government’s $35 device gives a sense of déjà vu. Will low-cost computing gather steam this time? In May 2005, an Indian technology firm Encore Software announced a Rs 10,000 Linux-based mobile computer. Christened Mobilis, it was powered [...]

Decoding ancient texts the digital way!

A new computer program has successfully decoded a written language last used in Biblical times. The success could lead to “resurrecting” ancient texts that are no longer understood. Created by an MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) [...]

Flying car is here!

If you are dreaming of a car that can also fly in case of traffic jams, it could soon come true as the United States aviation authority has given its green signal for the commercial production of such a vehicle. All Photographs: Courtesy,Terrafugia Image: [...]

‘Quantum dot’ promises super-fast, super-powerful computing

Australian scientists have developed a new transistor in a computer chip that is 10 times smaller than those currently in use. The invention marks the start of a new age of super-fast, super-powerful computing, has been described in the [...]

Solar-powered SBI ATMs in villages soon!

If erratic power supply has been a deterrent to banks in setting up automated teller machines (ATMs) in rural areas, here is a simple solution from a Chennai-based company. Go Solar! With a view to building technology for practical use and [...]

DNA Could Be Backbone of Next-Generation Logic Chips

In a single day, a solitary grad student at a lab bench can produce more simple logic circuits than the world’s entire output of silicon chips in a month. So says a Duke University engineer, who believes that the next generation of [...]

Like a video game: Big box lowered over Gulf well

It was part engineering marvel, part video game challenge Friday as crews painstakingly worked to lower a box the size of a house over the ruptured oil well that has spewed an estimated 3 million gallons of crude into the sea. Camera-equipped [...]