IIT Students’ Satellite ‘Jugnu’ Launched into Space

A nano-satellite built by students of IIT Kanpur, ‘Jugnu’, was launched with the latest version of India’s indigenous Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) from Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday i.e. on October 12, 2011.

Apparently the remote sensing  satellite is one of the smallest satellites built to date and Jugnu is  basically designed to provide data for agriculture and for disaster management.

Jugnu: a nano satellite

Jugnu: a nano satellite

The satellite designed by a group of students and teachers from the institute in collaboration with scientists from the ISRO scientists is one of the smallest satellites built till date.

Students, felt that they were given a golden opportunity to work on a project and got a chance to look at India’s space research programme closely.

It took the team three years to give the satellite ‘Jugnu’ its final shape.

“This was a good experience for everyone. All of us got to learn a lot of things in the last three years. We got to meet with the scientists of ISRO, the chairman and the director as well,” said Shantanu, a student.

“Apart from being knowledgeable, it was also a fun experience for us as we all worked together as a team. All of us performed as a team,” he added.

Team Jugnu was upbeat about the fact that such a small satellite has been made with some of the latest technologies available.

“This satellite is of about three kilograms in weight. This satellite functions in just three watts of power. There are two small computers implanted into the satellite,” said Professor Vyas, project head of ‘Jugnu’.

“There is also an infra-red camera, a GPS ( Global Positioning System) unit, an inertia measurement unit and also other things which have been put into a satellite for the first time, that too in such a small satellite. It is a complex system and it is a good platform to test small and micro technologies,” he added.

Apart from ‘Jugnu’, the PSLV carried two other smaller satellites. This was ISRO’s third rocket launch from India in 2011.

See more images here: http://explow.com/Jugnu_%28satellite%29

IITK nanosatellite, Jugnu: Curtain raiser video of IITK nanosatellite, Jugnu.

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