Dr. Karen Stollznow – “Talking to Tomorrow” – TAM 2012

Linguist, investigator, and JREF fellow Dr. Karen Stollznow uses her expertise in language to explain psychics, mediums, channelers, and other peddlers of the paranormal. Live on stage from TAM 2012. With a special musical introduction by TAM [...]

Dr. Pamela Gay – “Make the World Better (Ask if Anyone Minds Later)” – TAM 2012

Astronomer and educator Dr. Pamela Gay calls on skeptics to be proactive in creating a kinder, more rational, and welcoming society for both themselves and others. Live on stage at TAM 2012. With a special musical introduction by TAM emcee George [...]

“You are the Future of Skepticism on the Internet” – Tim Farley – TAM 2012

JREF research fellow Tim Farley, creator of WhatsTheHarm.net, details how skeptics are using the vast resources of the internet to educate the public about pseudoscience and the paranormal, and how skeptics on the web are holding peddlers of [...]

“The Truth About Alternative Medicine” – TAM 2012

Expert doctors Steven Novella, Harriet Hall, David Gorski, and Rachel Dunlop discuss so-called “alternative” medicine. What kinds of treatments does that term include? Are these treatments effective or even ethical? How can practitioners [...]

“The Future of the Creationism and Evolution Controversy” – Dr. Eugenie Scott – TAM 2012

Dr. Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education discusses the tactics employed by creationists in denying the science behind evolution. Live on stage at TAM 2012.

“If You Were Me: Using In-Group Language to Reach Out” – Carrie Poppy – TAM 2012

Carrie Poppy, Director of Communications at the James Randi Educational Foundation and co-host of the popular “Oh No, Ross and Carrie!” podcast, discusses the importance of using inclusive language while doing outreach. Combining [...]

The Randi Show – Amaz!ng Adventure 2012

Randi extends his invitation to set sail with him and an exciting lineup of skeptical speakers on the Amaz!ng Adventure 2012, a cruise of the beautiful Mayan Riviera. Join Randi, Ben Radford, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Toni Van Pelt, and the JREF [...]

Meeting Richard Saunders at TAM 2012

A quick chat with Christopher Brown of the “Meet The Skeptics” Podcast and Richard Saunders of The Skeptic Zone Podcast. www.skepticzone.tv http

Meeting Michael Shermer at TAM 2012

A quick chat with Christopher Brown of the “Meet The Skeptics” Podcast and Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine and The Skeptics Society. www.Skeptic.com http

PZ Myers at TAM 2011

Scientist and blogger PZ Myers takes “A Skeptical Look at Aliens.”