The White Lama Ippolito: An Italian Jesuit in Tibet || Fairbank Center

2012 Edwin O. Reischauer Lectures Among the famous Jesuit missionaries to Asia, one thinks immediately of Francis Xavier, who arrived in Japan in 1549, and Matteo Ricci, who arrived in Macau in 1582. Less famous than these giants of the Society [...]

A Christian Buddha: The Medieval Tale of Barlaam and Josaphat || Fairbank Center

2012 Edwin O. Reischauer Lecture Among the many saints tales of the Middle Ages, one of the most popular was the story of Barlaam and Josaphat. It tells of the Indian king Avenir, a worshipper of idols, who seeks to protect his son, Prince Josaphat, [...]

The Unfortunate Idol Fo: The Story of a Forgotten Buddha || Fairbank Center

2012 Edwin O. Reischauer Lectures In his account of his travels in service to the Emperor of China Kublai Khan, Marco Polo provides a version of the life of the Buddha, a version that is remarkably sympathetic, noting the Buddha’s saintly [...]

Yogi’s legacy in question

Former followers say he abused his position for power, money and sex. A slow, painful awakening led Premka Kaur Khalsa, a top secretary in Yogi Bhajan’s Sikh organization for almost 20 years, to leave the religious group in 1984, she [...]

James Randi Speaks: Powered by Sunlight

Recorded 5/11/2010 at the James Randi Educational Foundation in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Can a person survive on just air? Or maybe as a professor in a recent study says “If he is not derive energy from food and water, he must be doing that [...]

Mahabharata – A Mathematical Analysis

I recently came across few articles as well as heated discussions with a history teacher who happens to be very religious person. He told me that Mahabharata is a history book and Bhagavad Gita is a divine book. All things mentioned in Mahabharata [...]