Brain, lung surgeons interested in using needle technology

If successful, the needle microscopes could be rolled out in operating theatres around the world within a decade. Associate Professor Robert McLaughlin says pathology testing will always be required after surgery to remove cancer, even if the [...]

World accolades continue for microscope-in-a-needle scientist

Australian scientists have developed the world’s smallest hand-held microscope, which is capable of detecting cancer cells often missed by surgeons during operations to remove breast cancer tumors. Researchers at the University of Western [...]

Gender Equality in Elected Office: Applying the Six Step Action Plan to the Egyptian case

Women and Public Policy Program, Harvard Kennedy School This session asks participants to consider applying the Six Step Action Plan to a country in the midst of revolutionary change as one specific case study — Egypt. In particular, participants [...]

Welcoming Remarks and Keynote Address || Women Making Democracy || Radcliffe

00:00 Welcoming Remarks´╗┐ Lizabeth Cohen, Dean, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study; Howard Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies, Department of History, Harvard University Jennifer Hochschild, Henry LaBarre Jayne Professor of Government, [...]

Rapporteur Discussion´╗┐ and Closing Remarks || Women Making Democracy || Radcliffe Institute

Two rapporteurs will highlight the major themes of the conference, tying together issues raised across panels. They will compare different countries and moments of democratic change to help participants understand what is distinctive about “Arab [...]

Women, Rights, and Power || Women Making Democracy || Radcliffe Institute

Given that demands for democratization are typically framed in universalistic language, this panel will consider ways in which women take important roles in making demands for democratization or for participation in newly democratic governments. [...]

Public Places, Alternative Spaces || Women Making Democracy || Radcliffe Institute

This discussion illuminates the ways that women’s presence has democratized uses of space. It also questions the connection between revolution and the street by exploring virtual spaces such as the blogosphere and women’s hidden [...]

Representing Women: Culture, Religion, and Revolution || Women Making Democracy || Radcliffe

This discussion presents a dialogue among activists, scholars, and cultural analysts. They will reflect on cultural practices and iconic representations of women as they play out in democratizing movements, with a particular interest in the [...]