BepiColombo Composite Spacecraft Separation Shock Testing

The BepiColombo Mercury Composite Spacecraft Structural and Thermal Model has undergone testing to demonstrate that it can withstand the shocks induced by the jettisoning of the launcher fairing and by the separation of the spacecraft stack [...]

Visuals: Largest solar flare in five years hits Earth

‘Largest solar flare in five years hits Earth: ‘X-class’ flare is most powerful kind of solar flare Two years of violent solar storms predicted After a large solar flare in August, this is the biggest since 2007, according [...]

Composite of a Series of Images Taken From Space Aboard the Station

Psychedelic Space Redux This is a composite of a series of images photographed from a mounted camera on the Earth-orbiting International Space Station, from approximately 240 miles above Earth. Space station hardware in the foreground includes [...]

Crossing the Sun: The Last Transit of Venus until 2117

Next week will be the last opportunity this century to see the planet Venus as a little black dot moving across the solar disk–a rare event with a long, important history in astronomy SUN-SPOTTING: The planet Mercury transited the [...]

Live Chat: The 2012 Transit of Venus, with SA Editor George Musser

Musser, who covers space for SA, will help us prepare to watch Tuesday’s transit and explain the science behind this rare astronomical event The 2012 Transit of Venus Venus will pass in front of the solar disk on Tuesday, June 5. The next [...]

In PHOTOS: On the surface of Mars

Image: NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander’s Surface Stereo Imager shows two trenches dug by Phoenix’s Robotic Arm Photographs: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona NASA’s new rover blasted off for an eight-month, 570 million-km [...]

Rare “ring of fire” solar eclipse to dim skies with photos

The sun and moon will align over the earth in a rare astronomical event on Sunday – an annular eclipse that will dim the skies over parts of Asia and North America, briefly turning the sun into a blazing ring of fire. “It will look [...]

Endeavour’s final mission: The last blast

Endeavour’s final mission: The last blast, the 25th and final flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour The shuttle overview: The Crew Compartment: The Payload Bay: The Rear Engines: The Crew: SOURCES: NASA, Associated Press, AP [...]

In Memoriam: Mars Rover Spirit

On January 26th, 2274 Mars days into the mission, NASA declared Spirit a ‘stationary research station’, expected to stay operational for several more months until the dust buildup on its solar panels forces a final shutdown. A “self [...]

Earths Entire Star for the First Time on Super SUNday

Launched in October 2006, STEREO traces the flow of energy and matter from the sun to Earth. It also provides unique and revolutionary views of the sun-Earth system. STEREO, when paired with SDO, can now give us the first complete view of the [...]