Scientists solve mystery of disappearing sunspots

A trio of top solar scientists said on Wednesday they had solved the mystery behind the disappearance of sunspots, a phenomenon that has stumped astrophysicists worldwide for more than two centuries. The research, which will be published on [...]

Japan’s earthquake shifted balance of the planet

March 11, 2011, a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan has actually moved the island closer to the United States and shifted the planet’s axis. A massive 8.9-magnitude quake hit northeast Japan on Friday, causing dozens of deaths, more [...]

Sun unleashes huge solar flare towards Earth

Explosive magnetic reconnection aims “firehose” of charged gas at Earth. The most powerful solar flare in four years exploded over the sun late Monday, according to NASA. The sun unleashed its strongest solar flare in four years [...]

In a galaxy far away, Indian-origin scientist finds her calling

US-based Indian origin astrophysicist Sukanya Charkrabarti has found her calling 260,000 light years away in a galaxy that can barely, if at all, be seen. Galaxy X, at a distance which is modest on the cosmic scale, is where she is perfecting [...]

India’s Maiden Scientific Team Reaches South Pole

After traversing over 2,350 km miles in nine days, India’s first scientific expedition team to the South Pole planted the Indian flag at the earth’s southernmost point Nov 22 2010. The eight-member team reached South Pole at 4 p.m. Nov 22, [...]

Earthquake counts go up as moon comes closer: BAARC

BAARC seismologists have discovered that earth, not just water, responds to the moon Seismologists at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre have found that the earthquake counts go up steadily as the moon comes closer to the Earth (perigee) and [...]

The Better way to Travel in Noida

With reference to earlier article, Clean India by Waste Management: Eco wise, ECORICK is a venture which aims to provide the people of Noida with utmost travel convenience and satisfaction to commute within Noida on an eco-friendly transport [...]

Mass Extinction Threat: Earth on Verge of Huge Reset Button?

Mass extinctions have served as huge reset buttons that dramatically changed the diversity of species found in oceans all over the world, according to a comprehensive study of fossil records. The findings suggest humans will live in a very [...]

How parched villages save water in Rajasthan

Neem Singh’s daily bread comes from water. He draws water from a kuin (small well), fills a metal container reminiscent of the trunk used for storing clothes, and takes it back to the village pulled by his camel-cart — the tyres [...]

Bengal villages offer lessons in water self-help

Join hands to clean water, ensure regular testing at little cost. Banashree Bera and Alaka Jana are no ordinary women. Together, the two housewives from Chakrimulia village in West Bengal’s Purba Medinipur district can dismantle and reassemble [...]