International AIDS Candlelight Memorial held Speaker bats with House Forum

The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day was observed today at Lamyanba Shanglen, Palace Compound and Manipur Dramatic union hall, Yaiskul Police Lane under the aegis of different organisations. As chief guest of the Lamyanba Shanglen [...]

Small Fixes: Patient Groups Help Share the Burdens of Living With AIDS

Rogerio Bernardo slung a black satchel over his shoulder and waited by the roadside in the morning mist for a bush taxi. In dusty wingtips, frayed pants and a gray pinstripe suit coat so big it swallowed his slender frame, he looked like any [...]

Over 50 bitten by stray dogs in city every day

GURGAON: While the city observed World Rabies Day on Wednesday, the dog menace remains a big problem in Gurgaon where on an average, more than 50 people get bitten by stray dogs on a daily basis. Gurgaon has more than 50,000 stray dogs, yet [...]