What’s on your genes?

These two mice are genetically identical and exactly the same age. Each mouse’s mother received a different, specialized diet, which switched on or off chemical clusters called methyl groups that reside near genes. Flipping these genetic [...]

A new poll on evolution and climate change

A new poll asked respondents about their views on evolution and climate change, what they regard the scientific consensus on those topics to be, and whether it matters to them whether candidates for president share their views. The poll (PDF) [...]

Old bones ignite fresh debate

This skull belonging to Australopithecus sediba is part of a controversial fossil find that has scientists debating humans’ early ancestors. Credit: Brett Eloff, courtesy L. Berger/University of the Witwatersrand Scientists recently discovered [...]

Glow kitties

This glowing kitty not only tells scientists their experiment worked but also may help them find a way to fight a feline disease. Credit: Mayo Clinic Just in time for Halloween, a team of scientists has introduced a new breed of kittens that [...]

Greenland cold snap linked to Viking disappearance

A cold snap in Greenland in the 12th century may help explain why Viking settlers vanished from the island, scientists said on Monday. The report, reconstructing temperatures by examining lake sediment cores in west Greenland dating back 5,600 [...]

Lizard fossil provides the missing link in snake origins

There is evidence that the body shapes of snakes and limbless lizards evolved independently Genetic studies suggest that snakes are related to monitor lizards and iguanas, while their anatomy points to amphisbaenians (‘worm lizards’), [...]

Could this be site of Neanderthals’ last stand?

Tools found in frigid far north of Russia’s Ural Mountains suggest it may be A Neanderthal-style tool kit found in the frigid far north of Russia’s Ural Mountains dates to 33,000 years ago and may mark the last refuge of Neanderthals [...]

Fossil Flower

Early flowers.One of the oldest fossil sprigs of a flowering plant has turned up in a Chinese rock formation dating from 122.6 to 125.8 million years ago. Now named Leefructus mirus, the extinct species had jagged-edged, three-lobed leaves [...]

Fossil FInding: A clue for the vertebrates evolution

A new-found fossil reveals the soft body of a 500-million-year-old undersea creature. Hemichordate Galeaplumosus abilus may provide clues to the evolution of vertebrates like us. Exquisitely-preserved soft body parts found in a 525 million year [...]

Oldest Flying Insect Imprint Found

Mayfly Captured in Flight 300 Million Years Ago. The oldest known full-body impression of a flying insect was preserved in 300 million-year-old sandstone. Oldest known full-body impression of a flying insect Some 312 million years ago, a mayfly [...]