Woman born without any adipose tissue: A motivational speaker

Gist: The ‘World’s Ugliest Woman,’ Who Can’t Gain Weight At 58 Pounds Rare: Miss Velasquez was born without any adipose tissue, meaning she has no body fat and, despite eating up to 60 small meals a day, remains at a [...]

Breakthrough drug gives girl born without bones a new chance at life

Severe hypophosphatasia left Janelly Martinez-Amador of Tennessee unable to form bones. Doctors expected her to die shortly after birth, but the little girl held on until a breakthrough drug was developed. Six years later, she’s developing [...]

Gender bender: Not just Pinki Pramanik

Pinki Pramanik burst onto the scene with her performances at the South Asian Games in 2006, which she ended with three gold medals. The glittering performance in the 400m, 4x400m and 800m racwas followed up by another gold” this time at [...]

The great sexual continuum: What Pinki teaches us all

These issues speak of the sexuality ignorance prevailing in the world, and the need of the hour to accept the other forms off sexuality other than female or male. Hermaphroditism is a sex development disorder in which a person birthed can have [...]

Medical report claims Pinki is a ‘male pseudohermaphrodite’

Medical report claims Pinki is a ‘male pseudohermaphrodite’. Pinki Pramanik ‘incapable of rape’, gets bail The medical report of Asian Games gold medallist Pinki Pramanik hints that she is a rare case of “male pseudohermaphroditism”, [...]

Indian scientists in team that sequenced tomato genome

In what is considered a major step forward in biotechnology research, a group of 300 scientists from across the world, including India, have sequenced the genome of tomato. The achievement is expected to lower the costs and speed up efforts [...]

Good cholesterol may not be what keeps the heart healthy

By themselves, higher levels of HDL don’t explain lower cardiovascular risk Some shine may have worn off “good” cholesterol’s halo. A new genetics study shows that merely raising levels of high-density lipoprotein — also known as [...]

Home therapy is key to ‘normal life’ with HAE

People with a rare genetic condition called hereditary angioedema (HAE) can lead a normal life with home therapy, experts say. Unexplained swellings, excruciating pain and days spent vomiting or in bed. These were the kind of symptoms Rachel [...]

Tracking diseases from anthrax to cholera

Scientists’ ability to track deadly pathogens got an unexpected and enormous boost from the race to sequence the human DNA blueprint, or genome. Technologies developed at great expense for human sequencing can now spell out a bacterium’s [...]

No shortage of dangerous DNA

The genome of a 115-year-old woman is mined for secrets to healthy aging A Dutch woman who lived to 115 years old credited her longevity to pickled herring, refraining from smoking and limiting alcohol. But scientists are looking to the woman’s [...]