State Dept. Assigned Keystone XL Review to Company With Ties to TransCanada

Crews in Michigan last month worked to clean up a July 2010 spill from a pipeline similar to the one that has been proposed. The State Department assigned an important environmental impact study of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline to a [...]

Oil from NZ leak ship hits shore

Ross Henderson, Maritime New Zealand: “It’s a very complicated, challenging task” Oil from a leaking ship stranded on a reef off the coast of New Zealand has begun washing ashore, as teams work to stabilise the vessel. Fist-sized [...]

Fossil Flower

Early flowers.One of the oldest fossil sprigs of a flowering plant has turned up in a Chinese rock formation dating from 122.6 to 125.8 million years ago. Now named Leefructus mirus, the extinct species had jagged-edged, three-lobed leaves [...]

Indonesia’s coral reefs dying at alarming rate

Coral that survived the 2004 tsunami is now dying at one of the fastest rates ever recorded because of a dramatic rise in water temperatures off northwestern Indonesia caused in part by global warming, conservationists said Wednesday, warning [...]

Signs of regrowth seen in oiled marshes

La. marshes where oil-coated birds struggled are already starting to show signs of regrowth. Shoots of marsh grass and bushes of mangrove trees already are starting to grow back in areas where just months ago photographers shot startling images [...]

Plants ‘cry wolf’ to fool aphids

When aphids attack, plants don’t just stand there and take it: They send out a chemical scream for help. And when that help arrives in the form of ladybugs or other aphid predators, the aphids ring their own chemical alarm bell and scatter. Now [...]

India trying to use world’s hottest chilli as weapon

Indian military experts in Assam have developed a grenade made using the world’s hottest chilli, which is more than 1,000 times stronger than the average cooking spice. Researchers have developed the new crowd control grenade packed [...]

Why the controversy on Bt Brinjal?

Earlier article, “Govt panel clears Bt Brinjal for entry as first GM food“, where the introduction of Bt Brinjal was stated. It has met with a lot of controversy and resistance. The reasons have been discussed; as rightly said that [...]

Govt panel clears Bt Brinjal for entry as first GM food

In a major decision that could pave the way for large-scale cultivation of genetically modified food crops in India, the country’s top regulatory authority for transgenic crops on Wednesday gave its in-principle approval for the commercial [...]

Desert Plant May Hold Key To Surviving Food Shortage

Scientists at the University of Liverpool are investigating how a Madagascan plant could be used to help produce crops in harsh environmental conditions. The plant, Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi, is unique because, unlike normal plants, it captures [...]