Mission to colonise Mars

Mission to colonise Mars: ‘Columbus didn’t wait; nor should we’ In 2022 four astronauts, picked from tens of thousands of applicants, will jet off on a one-way mission to Mars as part of the world’s most expensive reality [...]

Tiny fossil tells big tale

Scientists use a single finger bone from ancient, humanlike Denisovans to study their connection to modern people and Neandertals The Denisova Cave, in Siberia, is home to the only remains of the ancient Denisovans. Credit: Max Planck Institute [...]

Learning in your sleep

Sleeping and learning go hand in hand, studies have shown for years. Even a brief nap can boost your memory and sharpen your thinking. But the relationship goes deeper than that. In a new study, scientists report that the brain can actually [...]

With a little help from our ancient friends

Hadza offer strong new evidence that social networks are a truly ancient, perhaps integral part of the human story. Ancient humans may not have had the luxury of updating their Facebook status, but social networks were nevertheless an essential [...]

DNA tracks ancient Mediterranean farmers to Scandinavia

DIGGING FARMERS Hunter-gatherer skeletons excavated in Sweden, including these remains of a young woman, have provided genetic evidence that these groups mated with nearby farmers who arrived from southern Europe around 5,000 years ago.Goran [...]

Act Big: Dare to See – Kaia Stern – Harvard Thinks Big

Kaia Stern Director of the Prison Studies Project Professor at Harvard Divinity School Professor in Sociology at Harvard University

How Social Networks are Like Carbon – Nicholas Christakis – Harvard Thinks Big

Nicholas Christakis Professor of Sociology (FAS) and Professor of Medical Sociology (Harvard Medical School) and and Professor of Medicine (Harvard Medical School)

Lionel Tiger – God’s Brain | For Good Reason

Lionel Tiger, Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University, talks about how religion takes place in brains, and not just in churches, temples and mosques. He explains how the brain created religion, and how religion feeds the [...]

The brain looks at the bright side of things

A recent study found that when making predictions, people tend to cling to good news and ignore the bad. Credit: istockphoto From love and health to money matters, studies show that people tend to look on the bright side of many situations. [...]

Greenland cold snap linked to Viking disappearance

A cold snap in Greenland in the 12th century may help explain why Viking settlers vanished from the island, scientists said on Monday. The report, reconstructing temperatures by examining lake sediment cores in west Greenland dating back 5,600 [...]