Seal scientists

Elephant seals help climate scientists understand deepwater heating around Antarctica As elephant seals dove, swam and fed around an Antarctic ice shelf, sensors on their heads took measurements of the surrounding water. Credit: Lars Boehme Climate [...]

Tiny fossil tells big tale

Scientists use a single finger bone from ancient, humanlike Denisovans to study their connection to modern people and Neandertals The Denisova Cave, in Siberia, is home to the only remains of the ancient Denisovans. Credit: Max Planck Institute [...]

Did the human speech evolve from monkeys pulling faces?

X-ray survey finds that primates use complex ‘language’ of lip smacking expressions Gist: Lip smacking gestures work at same speed as human speech Vowels and consonants work in same way as smacking lips The noises made by monkeys [...]

Indian scientists in team that sequenced tomato genome

In what is considered a major step forward in biotechnology research, a group of 300 scientists from across the world, including India, have sequenced the genome of tomato. The achievement is expected to lower the costs and speed up efforts [...]

Discovered: The 128million-year-old grandfather of the modern squid and octopus

Scientists have managed to re-create the appearance of a previously unknown fossil – a spiky creature thought to be the ultimate ancestor of the modern-day squid and octopus. The Austria National History Museum team used 3D scanning technology [...]

Good cholesterol may not be what keeps the heart healthy

By themselves, higher levels of HDL don’t explain lower cardiovascular risk Some shine may have worn off “good” cholesterol’s halo. A new genetics study shows that merely raising levels of high-density lipoprotein — also known as [...]

NGSS, take one

The first public draft of the Next Generation Science Standards is available on-line — and your feedback is invited. The Next Generation Science Standards are intended to be “rich in content and practice, arranged in a coherent manner [...]

Women’s role in science technology jobs takes centre stage at Indian event

The role of women in science has been the focus of attention at an event in India as the government and industry work to provide more opportunities for female scientists. At the 99th Indian Science Congress in Calcutta the theme was about inclusive [...]

Small Fixes: Poisoned Nectar Is a Double-Edged Delicacy for Mosquitoes

On what food do mosquitoes live? Orgiastic gouts of human blood that distend their abdomens and render them almost unable to move — right? Well, actually, no.

A new CNN/ORC poll on evolution

A new CNN/ORC poll included a question about evolution, with few surprises in the results. Asked “Do you believe that the theory of evolution is definitely true, probably true, probably false, or definitely false,” 21% of respondents [...]