BepiColombo Composite Spacecraft Separation Shock Testing

The BepiColombo Mercury Composite Spacecraft Structural and Thermal Model has undergone testing to demonstrate that it can withstand the shocks induced by the jettisoning of the launcher fairing and by the separation of the spacecraft stack [...]

Indian student Sachin S Kukke wins YouTube Space Lab Asia-Pacific contest

Indian student Sachin Kukke, an 18 year lad from BMS College,  Bangalore has won YouTube Space Lab 2012 contest for the Asia Pacific region and is one of the six global winners of the competition. In a meeting with Indian Ambassador to the [...]

BepiColombo:#02: Mercury Planetary Orbiter wraps up for hot work

The installation of high-temperature thermal blankets on the Structural and Thermal Model of the BepiColombo Mercury Planetary Orbiter has been completed. The spacecraft has been mounted on its Thermal Test Adapter and transferred to the Large [...]