India’s first lady biker Alisha Abdullah vrooming in male terrain

An invitation from FIM, the world motorsport federation, to participate in the Women’s Road Racing Training Camp in Spain this October forced Alisha Abdullah to change her plans. India’s only woman bike racer had all but given up [...]

Jennifer Michael Hecht – “Future of Skepticism: New Adventures in Critical Thinking” – TAM 2012

Author and historian Jennifer Michael Hecht argues in favor of understanding the history of skepticism to build a foundation for skepticism of the future. Live on stage at TAM 2012.

History created by Indian Women Pugilists

Indian women boxers created history as six of them entered the finals of the 6th Asian women Boxing Championships at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Pinky Jangra (48 kgs), Mary Kom (51 kgs), Sonia Lather (54 kgs), Sarita Devi (60 kgs), Monica Saun (64 [...]

The Transit of Venus: Viewing Tips from an Astronomer

Invited guest post by Summer Ash On Tuesday June 5th, Venus will pass between the Earth and the Sun for the second time in eight years and the last time for another 105 years. The transit of Venus, as it is called, is a very rare event in our [...]

Mexico to witness transit of Venus, as Mayas did before

The Western Hemisphere will be able to view Venus crossing the sun this evening, a last-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In Mexico events are scheduled today across the capital. The ancient Maya, famed for their knowledge of astronomy and highly precise [...]

Silicon trick for next-gen memory

Researchers have revealed details of a promising way to make a fundamentally different kind of computer memory chip.The device is a “memristor”, a long-hypothesised but only recently demonstrated electronic component.A memristor’s [...]

Venus Express:Venus Express unearths new clues to the planet’s geological history

16 May 2012 ESA’s Venus Express has been used to study the geology in a region near Venus’ equator. Using near-infrared observations collected by the Venus Monitoring Camera (VMC), scientists have found evidence that the planet’s [...]

SpaceX aborts launch at lift-off

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket is prepared for launch from Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force StationCalifornia’s SpaceX company is ready to make history by sending a capsule containing half a tonne of supplies to the space station.It [...]

Herschel:The most powerful black holes quenched their galaxy’s star formation

A survey of galaxies performed with ESA’s Herschel Space Observatory has shown that only the most powerful black holes in the early Universe were able to quench the formation of stars in their host galaxies. This finding is an important [...]

Books on Science: Fiddling With a Two-Year Gap in the Busy Life of Copernicus

Dava Sobel has long taken a quirky approach to science history. In “Galileo’s Daughter” (1999), for instance, she focused not on the standard biographical material but on the scientist’s love for his illegitimate daughter, consigned [...]