Sean Faircloth Discusses Children Harmed by “Faith-healing” with Liz Heywood

This video contains graphic descriptions of physical harm. Over 35 states have laws which give some greater leeway to “faith-healing” parents to engage in medical neglect of their children. For every child that dies in a so-called [...]

James Randi on Indian Scientists who supporting a conman

Can a person survive on just air? Or maybe as a professor in a recent study says “If he is not derive energy from food and water, he must be doing that from energy sources around him, sunlight being one There have been many claimants over [...]

It hurts me…

Thanks to Rana for the article. Hi friends, Please forward to everyone you know … WHO Deserves MORE? The India cricket team bus & DON’T MISS the VIJAY RATH Now let’s have a look at the luxury our commandos had [...]

Learn to be – Astrologer and Tarot Cards/Palm Reader in 10 Simple Steps

In India, Palm readings, fortunetelling & Astrology are an ancient art—a combination of acting and psychological manipulation. You can find these people on every nook & corner of India while books related to these arts is available [...]