India’s Past, Present and Future in the hands of Astrology

In India, we have started going downhill ever since our rulers started running after astrologers. ever since the advent of astrology almost simultaneously with the invasion of Alexander the Great, and then the “Yavana Jatakam” of Sphujidwaja and the Surya Sidhanta of Maya the Yavana, we had to fight outsiders! The more the foreigners invaded us the more our rulers, instead of making a united effort against the invaders, started consulting soothsayers whom they called Rajajyotishis! (Royal Astrologer).

The maximum credit for creating such a fear psychosis of omens and ghosts and ghouls and storms and even clouds goes to Varahamihira of 5th century AD through his Brihat Samita and Brihat Jatakam and Panchasidhantika! Before venturing into the battlefield, our monarchs would ask their soothsayers to prepare “narpati jaya charya” and consult Brihat Samhita etc. to see whether the “ketuchara” was favourable at that time or not! No wonder with such a preliminary and hopeless knowledge of astronomical facts, we were being pushed back into dark ages by Varahamihira and his followers!

Our historical records are witness to the fact that we were vanquished in every battle, whether it was with Alexander the Great or Muhamud of Gazni or Chengiz Khan or Nadir Shah or the Moguls or finally the East India Company, thanks to the dependence of our monarchs on soothsayers
(Rajajyotishis, huh!) instead of the principles of war strategy and statecraft as adumbrated by the Vedas, the Manu and even Chanakya, who chided kings for consulting soothsayers!


Common people –

75% Indians decide on marriage not based of compatibility of partners but on horoscope while national stats shows that 25% marriage break up while 50% remain married just due to social stigma not due to favorable position of stars. Almost 70% Indians plan their day based on daily astrology predictions published in newspapers and now days most TV channels in India running minimum one hour astrology program in the morning shows.

Indians are biggest killers of girl child but they also plan their male child birth based on astrology. Many astrologers claiming in newspapers ads giving guarantee to people that if they do sex during
specific time of day-month-year, they will get male child, not only that, but this child is going to be born with “rajyog” i.e. he will be king in future while fact remains that there is no monarchy system in
India but 25% indians who are born with rajyog selling fruits on streets or doing rag picking.
These scam artists (Astrologers) also claim that they can stop approaching death of any human being by chanting few mantra (maha-mritunjaya) while at same time, unable to save 2 serving prime
ministers from sudden death in the hands of terrorists.

Not so common people –

Most of our politicians believe in astrology. Astrology affects their political career from beginning. They file their nomination papers only after their family astrologer gives them go ahead signal by giving most favorable time called “muhurat”. After nomination, they start their election campaign only in “shubh muhurat” and breaking a coconut on street or in-front of their house (A modified and vegetarian version of Animal Scarifies). If these politician get elected, they vanish for 5 years from their constituency due to their astrological signs & do not show face to electorate till next election (pun intended!). They becomes such as slave of astrology, that they refuse to attend parliament or assembly sessions just because unable to find a good “muhurat” for going out of their luxury house.

Sports personalities are also very fond about astrology. Many famous sports person not even touch their playing kits without proper astrological positions. Sometimes they go to give milk to snakes as
per their astrologers recommendation, or do animal scarifies (not in open) or chanting of mantra few minutes before match or when they are not performing well, they go for “sade-saati” yagya (i.e. please 2 non existing planets named rahu & ketu)

Indian Film industry is very secular but when it comes to astrology, these film personalities trust astrologers more than their own performance. Every Indian film starts with a special astrological
function named “muhurat shot” and it goes on till film release such as music release based on astrology, film release on specific date-month-year based on predictions of success. Even 25% Indian
movies unable to find any proper astrological date for release and it remains in queue for 10 or 20 years. Their marriage pattern is also same. Most marry based on horoscope match and if its not matching, they force it to match with money power and even go to extend for marrying to tree to ward off bad omen. Most Indian film personality change their name also based on astrology and its adopted child named “numerology”.


Future seems bright for astrology as its woven so much in Indian fabric that Indian society will fall apart without their extremely loved thought of astrology. If we remove astrology from Indian society, what they will have to blame if unable to succeed. We Indians need a punching bag to put onus of our failure (as we are not very hard working, brave or intelligent people, may be due to our wonderful work experience as slave for more than thousand years) and astrology suits our need to put everything in the hands of few stars (While there are billions & billions) and planets which doesn’t exists in our solar system but may be hovering in other solar systems and our great astrologers (*@#$%^&%) are able to see those with naked eyes while stupid scientists(in astrological terms) not able to see with powerful telescopes.

Long Live Astrology! (pun intended!)

For Astrologers who pissed with above article, have a look on this video. It may open your brain a bit (if its not empty!)

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