THE INDIAN SOLDIER – A mother writes

THE INDIAN SOLDIER A mother writes:- My son, Arjun, has been fascinated by life in the uniform ever since I can remember. He used to pick out fighter jets from toy stores at two, choose books on tanks and naval ships from book stores at [...]

Voyager 1 is out of the Solar System

Launched in 1977, Voyager was sent initially to study the outer planets but it kept on going. Voyager 1 flies out of Solar System – on less power than an iPhone 5 Around August 25, 2012, more than 19 billion kilometers from the Sun, the [...]

India deadliest place in world for girl child

NEW DELHI: It’s official – India is the most dangerous place in the world to be a baby girl. Newly released data shows that an Indian girl child aged 1-5 years is 75% more likely to die than an Indian boy, making this the worst gender [...]

Funeral for Nobel winner Maathai

Mrs Maathai was cremated in a casket made of bamboo, water hyacinth and papyrus so that no trees would be cut down A state funeral for Nobel Peace Prize winner and environmentalist Wangari Maathai has taken place at a Kenyan national park [...]

Indian towns may turn dry, stinking hellholes

Dry taps, untreated sewage and piles of solid waste strewn all around. This can become a stark reality of our urban landscape by 2030, when India’s urban population will grow from 340 million in 2008 to 590 million – 40 per cent [...]

A Cult named Global Warming Alarmist

In past 3-4 months, we are hearing a lot about global Warming proponent behaving like religion/cult. If so, its most successful cult of our time which affected most of human population without everyone joining this cult. Its ideology forced [...]

India’s Past, Present and Future in the hands of Astrology

PAST –In India, we have started going downhill ever since our rulers started running after astrologers. ever since the advent of astrology almost simultaneously with the invasion of Alexander the Great, and then the “Yavana Jatakam” [...]