Shocking!!! So are we heading back to the Dark Ages?

Will govt act fast to stop khap terror? It is a serious issue of moving many steps backward and undermines all the efforts and struggles made by our previous governments in ore and post independence era to improve women welfare and hence [...]

At 1,000 cases a year, India matches Pak in menace

As many as 1,000 boys and girls fall prey to honour killings every year in India, with Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh alone accounting for 900, according to a research paper presented at an international conference in London last week. At [...]

Where are the science leaders in India?

A critical deficiency in India’s current scientific establishment is the dearth of credible administrators, who can rise to the challenges that confront her educational and research institutions today, says Gautam Radhakrishna Desiraju. [...]

School ‘rejects’ 26/11 girl

An 11- year-old girl crippled during the Mumbai attacks, whose emotional but unshakeable testimony in Ajmal Kasab’s trial had given her national fame, has allegedly been turned away by a private school that doesn’t want to risk “trouble” [...]

No dough from Dow for now

With reference to the earlier article, “Two tragedies, two very different responses“, the latest in the news is that we Indians might have to pay through our noses for the mess created by the Carbide Company. A Rs 1,300- crocre bill [...]

Two tragedies, two very different responses

This puts in perspective the approach of two countries towards industrial tragedies: The Indian Bhopal Gas Tragedy & The American Oil Spill. Look at the way two countries have responded to industrial tragedies. The US is fuming, fretting [...]

12 districts of Bihar identified as “highly food insecure”

As many as 12 districts in North-Eastern Bihar have been identified as major “hotspots” in food security in the state, according to the Food Security Atlas on Rural Bihar . The report, prepared by the Institute for Human Development (IHD) [...]

Terror Within India: The Maoists

Much has been said and written about the terror and the threats India face from militant outfits. Our politicos have been gung-ho about how India has been effective when it comes to averting terror strikes post 26/11. But, our leaders have [...]

James Randi on Indian Scientists who supporting a conman

Can a person survive on just air? Or maybe as a professor in a recent study says “If he is not derive energy from food and water, he must be doing that from energy sources around him, sunlight being one There have been many claimants over [...]


Thanks to Negi for the article “I N D I A N ? ? ? ?” …Read on, “Where are the Indians?” An American visited India and went back to America. When he met his friend hailing from India, who asked him… “How did u find my [...]