Libraries, Archives and Museums: A Strategic Conversation: Opening Talk

Monday, April 9 For generations Harvard’s libraries, archives, and museums have been pre-eminent participants in support of the research, teaching, and learning carried out both within the university, and also beyond its walls. In an increasingly connected global society, interdisciplinary work is becoming the norm and researchers increasingly seek and share information across formats, genres, and institutional settings. To support users and to continue to grow and thrive, libraries, archives, and museums must work and grow together as never before. This “strategic conversation” brings together those who have given thought to these issues. They have inspired changes and faced challenges along the way. Three presenters, one of each from the domains of libraries, archives, and museums, will outline the vision they bring to their institutions, how they envision the major points of commonality, their greatest hurdles, and how the lessons learned in collection development of physical collections, do or do not apply to collection development in the digital domain. Libraries: Tom Hickerson, Vice Provost of Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary Archives: David Ferriero, Archivist of the United States Museums: Holly Witchey, Professor, Johns Hopkins University; Interim Director, Marcus Institute for Digital Education in the Arts Moderator: Gunter Waibel, Director, Digitization Program, Smithsonian

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