Words of India’s Youngest Patent Holder and World’s Youngest Disabled Patent Holder

You have read about this wonder kid, Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati: India’s Youngest Patent Holder and World’s Youngest Disabled Patent Holder.

Read a brief of him.


1. Rare achievements despite extreme hardships: Inspires World

2. Youngest Patent Holder of India: Inventing circular chess 2,3,4,6 Players at age of 9

3. Youngest disabled patent holder of the world at the age of 9

4. Media World quoted him: Global Inspiration, Mini Stephen Hawking, Genius, Wonder Kid, Rare Chess prodigy, Another mile stone in disabled world, Gem of Rajasthan, Pride of India, Inspires World, Golden boy from Jaipur etc

5. Another mile stone in disabled world after Stephen Hawking and Wilma Rudolph

6. Amazing Kid from Jaipur/Rajasthan: Pride of India: Motivates World

7. CHESS SENSATION: Inspires world: inventing circular chess 2,3,4,6 players

8. Rarest of rare Chess Prodigy in unique, different and inspirational manner

9. Future gifts by him to world: 60 player’s circular chess (Patent under process)

10. Modified Maruti Echo: His idea for his use: Idea Patent applying under process: PATENT IDEA NAME: Cheapest wheel chair accessible mobility vehicle of world

11. Quotation written by him: The only disability is low self esteem. People who cannot walk can fly with their attitude.

12. Very popular : The level of his popularity can be judged by the fact that “Just type” Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati on Google search and thousands of articles/news/blogs/photos will be in front of you by Media Giants, reputed organization, and celebrities.

Now read his ideas and words not related to chess at all:


Journey :World’s Cheapest Power Wheel Chair Accessible Mobility Van

1::: Necessity + Suffering led to World’s Cheapest Power Wheel Chair Accessible Mobility Vehicle.

It is Shocking and Stigma for India that, no one can find a power wheel chair accessible mobility vehicle at an affordable price. Yes VIP like Karunanidhi etc possess such vehicle but those power wheel chair accessible vehicles are too costly, mostly imported or very costly modification of luxurious SUV’s of premium segment, which is far more than the reach of even upper middle segment people, forget about the reach of middle class or poor people. Imagine an Amazing disabled kid Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati of 10 years, suffering from fatal disease, who used to bear the pain and inconvenience, when he was transported from one place to another in the Maruti Esteem Car of his father, being lifted in arms of his father. His customized power wheel chair used to give him lot of confidence but there was no proper mobility solution for him along with his powered wheel chair. Even it is a bitter fact that it was impossible to find a Customized power wheel chair for kids in Rajasthan but he sorted out this problem by suggesting his father to buy an adult power wheel chair as raw material and then modify it according to his needs. But now the biggest challenge was proper mobility solution for him along with his powered wheel chair. This was making his transport problem nearly impossible as his father could lift him but to lift the power wheel chair of 110 kg at least 4 people are required. Moreover doctors always warn against lifting of Wheel chair dependents as it gives gradual damage to their body. He always used to think and talk to his parents, do disabled people have no Power wheel Chair accessible vehicle. How the senior citizens, who are dependent on wheel chairs can move from one place to another. He along with his parents searched a lot on internet and the results were shocking and highly demoralizing. There is no Car or SUV or Van in India up to 30 lacs which is disabled access friendly…as low floor + automatic transmission + sliding doors is the key to success for making a Car/ SUV/ Van friendly for disabled people. After the observation on internet results he looked at his parents in a curious manner and said, “I strongly believe and guarantee that, the day we will have a SUV / Low floor sliding gates Automatic transmission Van it will be a big hit in Indian market….”. But unfortunately no one in India is utilizing the niche. He further said after knowing the bitter facts from his father that i am shocked , why there is no provision of Auto seat access system or Corony transfer seat system or mobility solutions being in the company fitted option. He was shocked and Surprised that Living legends of Automobile Industry, Tatas or Mahindras or any one in car market has never thought about disabled friendly cars, a great untapped market, moreover it is good for any automobile company from market or social responsibility point of view. He further said, “It’s my guarantee, if any one will provide a SUV/VAN, low floor sliding doors model and factory fitted mobility solution as option that company will get great boom in sales and for that brand people will not be able to differentiate between brand and product…wow …Great money will be earned and that too reputation building…As a layman he was surprised, why great companies with great talent as employees are sleeping and missing golden opportunity to earn a lot of money and get lot of blessings for Company or Organization.

2:: Brilliant Idea by wonder Kid : Cheapest Power Wheel Chair Accessible Vehicle of World.

People who suffer are the best judge of their problems and necessity is the mother of invention has led to a great gift to world. One day the wonder Kid Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati saw Maruti Echo and its sliding doors, moreover the height of sliding door was also very less from ground. He immediately asked his father to buy Maruti Echo and get it modified with a ramp. He further suggested that ramp should come sliding in and out of the floor itself and this brilliant idea struck to him and he and his father converted his idea into reality, which led to Cheapest power wheel chair accessible mobility vehicle not only for his own usage but this power wheel chair accessible vehicle can also serve millions across the World, that too for just 4 lakhs (Modified Maruti Echo + Ramp). Further he belongs to that state (Rajasthan), where it is impossible to find a Customized powered wheel chair for Kids and in a Country (India), where it is impossible to find power wheel chair accessible mobility vehicle.. This gift might bring disability revitalization revolution in India and across the World. This gift will be a great asset for Disabled, Wheel chair users, Elders, People who cannot afford costly wheel chair accessible mobility vans, etc. Maximum credit for this awesome gift to World goes to Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati for his awesome idea. Yes it is not a discovery or invention but it is a very simple idea, which can serve millions.

3:: How/When wonder kid got to know that his idea might serve millions.

On 8th March 2013, Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati reached Chennai Airport by Flight to receive prestigious CavinKareIndia Ability Foundation Jury Special National Award of India, which was organized by reputed organization like Ability Foundation, Cavin Care, Dainik Bhaskar, The Hindu, BIG 92.7 FM, Zee News Limited, Woman’s Era, Ernst & Young, and Grihashobha. Won CAVIN CARE Ability Foundation Jury Special National Award which was organised by Ability Foundation CavinKareIndia along with prestigious support of Dainik Bhaskar The Hindu BIG 92.7 FM Zee News Limited @Womans Era Ernst & Young Grihashobha. He was shocked and surprised to find that there were no transit vehicles at Chennai Airport , which were power wheel chair accessible. He was further shocked to know that there was no power wheel chair accessible vehicle available in Chennai. He asked his father, “Papa I used to hear South Indians are very Intelligent and concerned Citizens of the Country, but i am shocked to observe that we can not find a Power Wheel Chair Mobility Van for me”. He asked his Father to contact all the Rent a Car providers in Chennai but they all were helpless for same. Then he asked his father to contact a great name, CavinKare Ability Foundation,who in true sense are busy in bringing disability revitalization revolution in the country but even they were helpless to find a Power Wheel Chair Accessible Mobility Van for Amazing Kid. But yes the wonder kid Saluted the CavinKare Ability foundation for providing Innova 2.5G for his Mobility Solution. But it was not power wheel chair accessible and he used to feel bad and shocking as his father had to lift his power wheel chair and him to keep in INNOVA and take out of Innova. Finally he concluded and said to his father, “Papa let’s share our power wheel chair accessible vehicle to the world so that millions of disabled and elders will have benefit from it. when great city like Chennai, other metros in India is not having it..let’s tell them..when intelligent and concerned south indians does not have power wheel chair mobility vans…it means that it is worth sharing..finally, even great name in disability ..CavinKare ability foundation provided me the best solution, Innova 2.5g, which was not power wheel chair accessible…..it must be shared to world”.

How to contact him:


Further details about Parents and himself

Mother : Dr Meenkshi Kanwar Rathore mkunrathore@yahoo.co.in
Father : Sarower Singh Bhati sarowersinghbhati41@gmail.com
Wonder boy : Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati hridayeshwarbhati@gmail.com

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