Seven test tube twins born in 12 hours to create world record in Bulandshahr

Fourteen test tube babies were born using the in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure to seven childless mothers in Bulandshahr. Gist: Uttar Pradesh doctors have set a new world record. Fourteen test tube babies were born using the in-vitro [...]

Indian winners of Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

NEWS HIGHLIGHTS The world’s largest high school science research competition, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, a program of Society for Science & the Public, announced its top winners in Pittsburgh Raghavendra [...]

Konrad Zuse – Inventor of the First Freely Programmable Computer

Konrad Zuse Born June 22, 1910, Berlin-Wilmersdorf; German inventor of pre-war electromechanical binary computer designated Z1 which was destroyed without trace by wartime bombing; developed two more machines before the end of the war but was [...]

Indian student Sachin S Kukke wins YouTube Space Lab Asia-Pacific contest

Indian student Sachin Kukke, an 18 year lad from BMS College,  Bangalore has won YouTube Space Lab 2012 contest for the Asia Pacific region and is one of the six global winners of the competition. In a meeting with Indian Ambassador to the [...]

Jamy Ian Swiss – In Pursuit of Psychics | For Good Reason

Famed magician Jamy Ian Swiss sits down with DJ Grothe to talk about psychics. As an advisor to the James Randi Educational Foundation, Swiss helped put self-proclaimed psychics to the test on ABC’s “Primetime Nightline”. He [...]

The Randi Show – Power Balance

The Randi Show is a biweekly video podcast produced by the James Randi Educational Foundation. James Randi himself discusses news from the world of science, pseudoscience, and the paranormal. Plus, he shares some stories from his amazing life. [...]

The Randi Show – Season of Reason

Please take a moment to consider donating to the James Randi Educational Foundation during this Season of Reason. In this special episode of The Randi Show, Randi discusses some of the JREF’s many accomplishments this year. Plus, he finally [...]

James Randi – Why Skepticism Matters | For Good Reason

In this discussion with DJ Grothe, James Randi explores the meaning and worth of “skepticism,” and explains why skepticism is not the same as cynicism. He talks about the focus of the JREF’s mission, and to what extent social [...]

The Happy Accident

Speakers: Rick Fienberg, S&T editor emeritus Dennis di Cicco, S&T senior editor Bob Naeye, S&T editor in chief Happy accidents do happen! It began in 1929 as a four-page flyer, “The Amateur Astronomer.” Six years later [...]

“Rebuild the Dream” The Next American Economy – A public address by Van Jones

Noted political and environmental activist Van Jones discusses the dramatically shifting economic and political landscape in America today. In this passionate address, Jones analyzes key similarities and differences between the Occupy Wall Street [...]