Boson boffin ‘a forgotten hero’

SCIENTIST Satyendranath Bose, after whom the Higgs-Boson is named, has not been given his due, India has said While much of the world was celebrating the international cooperation that led to last week’s breakthrough in identifying the [...]

Math for hungry birds

Scientists have found that when albatrosses forage for food, their flight path looks like a mathematical pattern called a fractal. Credit: Coedekoven/SWFSC/NOAA People may say that math is for the birds. A new study shows this may be true, [...]

5 Things Jenga Can Teach Us About Structural Engineering

Humans are natural-born structural engineers. If you find that hard to believe, watch a small child play with a set of simple wooden blocks. With no outside instruction — and through lots of energetic trial and error — he or she [...]

How Geodesic Domes Work

You can find eco-friendly, sustainable and locally-made and grown products on shelves in almost every store these days. So perhaps it’s no surprise that some people want to make the buildings themselves more in tune with the environment, [...]

The lighter side of mathematics

Review of Steven G. Krantz’s Mathematical Apocrypha Redux Mathematicians perform their labours in an abstract space. However, when they do return to planet earth for rest, recuperation and, more often than not, to grab a cup of coffee, [...]

Young scientists work together and win

Broadcom MASTERS, Robert Heckman, Justin Barber, Adriana Monzon, Alicia D’Souza, and Valerie Ding, finalists work together on a team challenge. Credit: Broadcom Foundation Guests checking into the posh Palomar Hotel in Washington, D.C., [...]

The Strangest Little Things in Nature

When small cannot get any smaller, you enter the quantum world of quarks, photons, and space-time foam. You’re welcome to take a look at this indivisible side of nature, but just remember to leave your common sense at the door. People [...]

No ‘Simple Theory of Everything’ Inside the Enigmatic E8

The “exceptionally simple theory of everything,” proposed by a surfing physicist in 2007, does not hold water, says Emory mathematician Skip Garibaldi. Garibaldi, a rock climber in his spare time, did the math to disprove the [...]

New Teaching Tools Aid Visually Impaired Students in Learning Math

Mastering mathematics can be daunting for many children, but researchers have found that children with visual impairments face disproportionate challenges learning math, and by the time they reach the college level, they are significantly [...]

Mathematicians Solve 140-Year-Old Boltzmann Equation

Pennsylvania mathematicians have found solutions to a 140-year-old, 7-dimensional equation that were not known to exist for more than a century despite its widespread use in modeling the behavior of gases. The study, part historical journey [...]