Infrared cameras can’t detect this combat suit

A protein found in squids is helping defence scientists create the world’s best camouflage combat suits. What’s best about the invention is that the material that mimics calamari skin is invisible to infrared cameras. Researchers [...]

Brain, lung surgeons interested in using needle technology

If successful, the needle microscopes could be rolled out in operating theatres around the world within a decade. Associate Professor Robert McLaughlin says pathology testing will always be required after surgery to remove cancer, even if the [...]

World accolades continue for microscope-in-a-needle scientist

Australian scientists have developed the world’s smallest hand-held microscope, which is capable of detecting cancer cells often missed by surgeons during operations to remove breast cancer tumors. Researchers at the University of Western [...]

Breakthrough drug gives girl born without bones a new chance at life

Severe hypophosphatasia left Janelly Martinez-Amador of Tennessee unable to form bones. Doctors expected her to die shortly after birth, but the little girl held on until a breakthrough drug was developed. Six years later, she’s developing [...]

Doctors use superglue to save baby with brain aneurysm

A 20-day-old baby born with a deadly aneurysm has been saved with the help of superglue. A quick-thinking and enterprising doctor University of Kansas Hospital was able to save the baby life with the help of a commonly known household substance: [...]

Learning in your sleep

Sleeping and learning go hand in hand, studies have shown for years. Even a brief nap can boost your memory and sharpen your thinking. But the relationship goes deeper than that. In a new study, scientists report that the brain can actually [...]

Sniffing for bad air

Handheld carbon dioxide sensor can help identify classrooms with unhealthy ventilation rates The air quality in many classrooms is unhealthy, due to poor ventilation. But simple solutions such as opening a window can help get rid of bad air. [...]

Algae blooms discovered beneath Arctic ice

A NASA mission to study the tiny algae vital to the ocean’s food chain has turned up a massive amount of phytoplankton where scientists least expected it – under the Arctic ice. In a project that uses both satellites and on-site [...]

Silicon trick for next-gen memory

Researchers have revealed details of a promising way to make a fundamentally different kind of computer memory chip.The device is a “memristor”, a long-hypothesised but only recently demonstrated electronic component.A memristor’s [...]

Trumpets of outrage over outback

An Australian biology prof is causing a rumble in the academic jungle by suggesting that his country should import elephants and other foreign species into its wild interior.Rhinos and even giant Komodo dragon lizards could be imported, David [...]