Amar Gopal Bose: Man who revolutionized sound goes silent

Call him the Minister of Sound. He earned that sobriquet. Amar Gopal Bose, the famously reclusive man who headed the eponymous company Bose Corporation, distinguished himself from the crowd for his imagination, grit, courage and for gifting [...]

“The Future of the Creationism and Evolution Controversy” – Dr. Eugenie Scott – TAM 2012

Dr. Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education discusses the tactics employed by creationists in denying the science behind evolution. Live on stage at TAM 2012.

Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D. – “Supernormal Stimuli” – TAM 2012

From The Amaz!ng Meeting 2012, author and psychologist Deirdre Barrett examines how “supernormal stimuli” have caused primal urges to overrun their evolutionary purpose. With a special musical introduction from TAM emcee George Hrab.

Tiny fossil tells big tale

Scientists use a single finger bone from ancient, humanlike Denisovans to study their connection to modern people and Neandertals The Denisova Cave, in Siberia, is home to the only remains of the ancient Denisovans. Credit: Max Planck Institute [...]

Gender Equality in Elected Office: Applying the Six Step Action Plan to the Egyptian case

Women and Public Policy Program, Harvard Kennedy School This session asks participants to consider applying the Six Step Action Plan to a country in the midst of revolutionary change as one specific case study — Egypt. In particular, participants [...]

Gaia:#06: Gaia Payload Module Integration Completed

Integration of the Flight Model of the Gaia Payload Module has been completed. It has undergone acceptance vibration testing; thermal balance and thermal vacuum testing will be carried out towards the end of this year. Gaia Payload [...]

Gaia:#05: Gaia Service Module Thermal Balance/Thermal Vacuum testing completed

The Protoflight Model of the Gaia Service Module has successfully completed thermal balance and thermal vacuum testing in the SIMLES chamber at Intespace Toulouse. These tests verify the thermal performance of the spacecraft module under space [...]

Did the human speech evolve from monkeys pulling faces?

X-ray survey finds that primates use complex ‘language’ of lip smacking expressions Gist: Lip smacking gestures work at same speed as human speech Vowels and consonants work in same way as smacking lips The noises made by monkeys [...]

Silicon trick for next-gen memory

Researchers have revealed details of a promising way to make a fundamentally different kind of computer memory chip.The device is a “memristor”, a long-hypothesised but only recently demonstrated electronic component.A memristor’s [...]

Discovered: The 128million-year-old grandfather of the modern squid and octopus

Scientists have managed to re-create the appearance of a previously unknown fossil – a spiky creature thought to be the ultimate ancestor of the modern-day squid and octopus. The Austria National History Museum team used 3D scanning technology [...]