Origins of Japan’s Electric Power and the Fukushima Disaster: A Historical Perspective

Program on US-Japan Relations / Edwin O. Reischauer Insitute of Japanese Studies Speaker: Takeo Kikkawa Professor of Japanese Business History, Hitotsubashi University Moderator: Shinju Fujihira Associate Director of the Program on US-Japan [...]

Indian scientists in team that sequenced tomato genome

In what is considered a major step forward in biotechnology research, a group of 300 scientists from across the world, including India, have sequenced the genome of tomato. The achievement is expected to lower the costs and speed up efforts [...]

A preview of Hot

NCSE is pleased to offer a preview (PDF) of Mark Hertsgaard’s Hot: Living through the Next Fifty Years on Earth (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011). The preview consists of the first part of chapter four, “Ask the Climate Question,” [...]

Debris prompts space station crew to seek shelter

A passing piece of potentially dangerous space debris forced astronauts at the International Space Station to temporarily seek refuge in escape ships early on Saturday, U.S. officials said. The debris, a fragment from an old Russian satellite [...]

Nanosilver, away!

Adam Noble, a 12th-grader from Lakefield, Canada, has developed a process to remove nanosilver, a potentially harmful pollutant, from waste water. Credit: Patrick Thornton, SSP A new way to treat municipal wastewater uses microorganisms to [...]

Changes in the Air: Levi Strauss Tries to Minimize Water Use

From the cotton field in rural India to the local rag bin, a typical pair of blue jeans consumes 919 gallons of water during its life cycle, Levi Strauss & Company says, or enough to fill about 15 spa-size bathtubs. That includes the water [...]

“Rebuild the Dream” The Next American Economy – A public address by Van Jones

Noted political and environmental activist Van Jones discusses the dramatically shifting economic and political landscape in America today. In this passionate address, Jones analyzes key similarities and differences between the Occupy Wall Street [...]

Harvard’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal in a 60 Seconds

Harvard Office for Sustainability intern Rebecca Elliott ’14 created this 60 second animation about Harvard’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In 2008, Harvard University adopted a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions [...]

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science – An Introduction

An introduction to the current and prospective projects undertaken by The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. Score by JOSH TIMONEN “The Politics of Driving” by The Life and Times from their album “Tragic Boogie” [...]