Woman born without any adipose tissue: A motivational speaker

Gist: The ‘World’s Ugliest Woman,’ Who Can’t Gain Weight At 58 Pounds Rare: Miss Velasquez was born without any adipose tissue, meaning she has no body fat and, despite eating up to 60 small meals a day, remains at a [...]

Origins of Japan’s Electric Power and the Fukushima Disaster: A Historical Perspective

Program on US-Japan Relations / Edwin O. Reischauer Insitute of Japanese Studies Speaker: Takeo Kikkawa Professor of Japanese Business History, Hitotsubashi University Moderator: Shinju Fujihira Associate Director of the Program on US-Japan [...]

How ancients prevented river water seepage

Workers excavating a holy pond in a village at the periphery of Mathura have discovered what is claimed as the first iron sheet used to prevent seepage of river water. Should the right moves be made, the area could well be a potential UNESCO [...]

Transit may shine light on enduring mysteries of Venus

Experts want to know what happened to oceans? Why a super-fast atmosphere? And so on Skywatchers around the world will get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Venus cross in front of the sun Tuesday. The so-called transit of Venus is more than [...]

Silicon trick for next-gen memory

Researchers have revealed details of a promising way to make a fundamentally different kind of computer memory chip.The device is a “memristor”, a long-hypothesised but only recently demonstrated electronic component.A memristor’s [...]

From cancer to quantum, teens’ scientific feats celebrated

Winners of the 2012 Intel ISEF show the promise of science for improving the world New ways to detect cancer, search online social networks and link atoms using quantum physics took the highest honors this week at the 2012 Intel International [...]

From Cubicles, Cry for Quiet Pierces Office Buzz

Jennifer S. Altman for The New York Times. Barrie Berg, the chief executive of American operations for What If, in one of the diner-style booths the firm installed in its Manhattan office. “There’s something very satisfying about a booth,” [...]

Young scientists, inventors and mathematicians score big

Cancer sensor, a better way to search tweets, and quantum teleportation are among research highlights at a global high-school-science competition Gordon E. Moore Award winner Jack Andraka is flanked by Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award [...]

Caecilians: The other amphibian

By Roberta Kwok / May 16, 2012 Caecilians may look like snakes or worms, but they are neither. They’re amphibians, which means the curious creatures’ closest relatives are frogs and salamanders. Credit: john@measey.com John Measey flew [...]

Cramming for Degrees in Hybrids

TEAM SPIRIT From left, Ohio State’s EcoCAR 2 team members Travis Trippel, Katherine Bovee and Amanda Hyde with the Saturn Vue that finished second in an earlier competition. LIKE many college students, Katherine Bovee, a master’s [...]