THE INDIAN SOLDIER – A mother writes

THE INDIAN SOLDIER A mother writes:- My son, Arjun, has been fascinated by life in the uniform ever since I can remember. He used to pick out fighter jets from toy stores at two, choose books on tanks and naval ships from book stores at [...]

Interesting article (regarding Kargil)

Thanks to Lt. Col. R.P. Bhalla (retd.) who send this email… Awesome a must read strongly recommended …… A real story… A conversation between a passenger and Software Engineer in Shatabdi Train. Vivek Pradhan was not a [...]

Jai Hind! Kargil War Day – 26 July

26th July – 1999: The Kargil War was fought. Please remember to light a candle outside your front door, next to a rose — or, for that matter, any flower — at 2000 hrs/ 8 PM on 26th July, to commemorate the sacrifice of all [...]