Meet the first woman to buy a Harley-Davidson in India

India’s first female owner of a Harley Davidson Road King says that biking is more about skills than muscles. Why should men have all the fun with Harley Davidson? Bangalore-based HR professional Sheeja Mathews today became the first woman [...]

India’s first lady biker Alisha Abdullah vrooming in male terrain

An invitation from FIM, the world motorsport federation, to participate in the Women’s Road Racing Training Camp in Spain this October forced Alisha Abdullah to change her plans. India’s only woman bike racer had all but given up [...]

Gender Equality in Elected Office: Applying the Six Step Action Plan to the Egyptian case

Women and Public Policy Program, Harvard Kennedy School This session asks participants to consider applying the Six Step Action Plan to a country in the midst of revolutionary change as one specific case study — Egypt. In particular, participants [...]

Varanasi’s clay art struggling for survival

Once famous, the city’s clay art now seems to be on its last legs. The potters selling their products were seen aloof and ignored at the prominent fairs held during the Durga Puja, Dussehra and Bharat Milap episode in Nati Imli. “China [...]

10 Mundane Traditions with Strange Origins

Sometimes, there are things we do as part of a tradition without really considering where the practices may have started. It’s easy to forget that many of the rituals that we automatically take part in today had their roots in something [...]

India deadliest place in world for girl child

NEW DELHI: It’s official – India is the most dangerous place in the world to be a baby girl. Newly released data shows that an Indian girl child aged 1-5 years is 75% more likely to die than an Indian boy, making this the worst gender [...]

“Wife-sharing” haunts Indian villages as girls decline

When Munni arrived in this fertile, sugarcane-growing region of north India as a young bride years ago, little did she imagine she would be forced into having sex and bearing children with her husband’s two brothers who had failed to find [...]

Clothes influence race perception

Researchers suited-up computer generated heads in high and low-brow outfitsWhat you wear can influence what race others perceive you to be, a new study finds. Scientists dressed people in either smart business attire, or work overalls and asked [...]

Women’s role in science technology jobs takes centre stage at Indian event

The role of women in science has been the focus of attention at an event in India as the government and industry work to provide more opportunities for female scientists. At the 99th Indian Science Congress in Calcutta the theme was about inclusive [...]

Power as addictive as cocaine

Noted historian Baron John Acton coined the phrase ‘power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ more than a hundred years ago. Now, scientists have claimed that the saying is biologically true. The feeling of [...]