‘Dece’, ‘Jank’ or ‘Jelly’… Lost? Look up this dictionary

I am well ‘jelly’ of my ‘ill’ kids. What on earth are they saying to their ‘bros’? How’s your day so far? Is it ‘dece’, ‘savage’ or ‘rare’? If so, lucky you. Beverley Turner decodes the digital [...]

Sleights of Mind

What the neuroscience of magic reveals about our brains Neuroscientists Stephen Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde, the founders of the exciting new discipline of NeuroMagic — and also members of the Magic Castle, Magic Circle, International [...]

Grammar Quiz: Do You Know Your Commas?

Most of us think we know when to use commas and when to leave them out. We went to elementary school, after all. Still, be it all those years without grammar lessons or an initial misunderstanding about this all-important piece of punctuation, [...]

Cramming for Degrees in Hybrids

TEAM SPIRIT From left, Ohio State’s EcoCAR 2 team members Travis Trippel, Katherine Bovee and Amanda Hyde with the Saturn Vue that finished second in an earlier competition. LIKE many college students, Katherine Bovee, a master’s [...]

Books on Science: Fiddling With a Two-Year Gap in the Busy Life of Copernicus

Dava Sobel has long taken a quirky approach to science history. In “Galileo’s Daughter” (1999), for instance, she focused not on the standard biographical material but on the scientist’s love for his illegitimate daughter, consigned [...]

The Randi Show – Nostradamus

The Randi Show is a biweekly video podcast produced by the James Randi Educational Foundation. James Randi himself discusses news from the world of science, pseudoscience, and the paranormal. Plus, he shares some stories from his amazing life. [...]

Betsy Lerner – How to get an agent

Writing Books for Readers Beyond Academe Harvard University Faculty Development & Diversity In the world of writing and publishing, “academic” is too often shorthand for — as one editor puts it — “lifeless prose, [...]

For the Love of God and His Prophet: Religion, Literature, and the Arts in Muslim Cultures

Culture and Belief 12. For the Love of God and His Prophet: Religion, Literature, and the Arts in Muslim Cultures — Ali Asani (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)

ORAL HISTORY INITIATIVE: On George Oppen – Woodberry Poetry Room

Item Description: The Woodberry Poetry Room’s Oral History spotlight shines on Objectivist poet George Oppen (1908-1984), featuring a conversation with his daughter, Linda Oppen; his dear friend and fellow poet Rachel Blau du Plessis (editor [...]

ORAL HISTORY INITIATIVE: On Frank O’Hara – Woodberry Poetry Room

In conjunction with the Woodberry Poetry Room’s 80th Anniversary, the Poetry Room presented an oral history of the indefatigably friendly, flamboyant and metaphysical poet Frank O’Hara, featuring his dear friend and Harvard classmate, [...]