XMM-Newton:XMM-Newton Announcement of Opportunity (AO-12)

Proposals are solicited for observations with XMM-Newton in response to the twelfth Announcement of Opportunity, AO-12, issued 21 August 2012. This AO covers the period May 2013 to April 2014 and is open to proposers from all over the world. Full [...]

Hubble:A family portrait of galaxies

A family portrait of galaxies [heic1213] Two very different galaxies feature in this family portrait taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, together forming a peculiar galaxy pair called Arp 116. The image shows the dramatic differences [...]

Gaia:#06: Gaia Payload Module Integration Completed

Integration of the Flight Model of the Gaia Payload Module has been completed. It has undergone acceptance vibration testing; thermal balance and thermal vacuum testing will be carried out towards the end of this year. Gaia Payload [...]

Gaia:#05: Gaia Service Module Thermal Balance/Thermal Vacuum testing completed

The Protoflight Model of the Gaia Service Module has successfully completed thermal balance and thermal vacuum testing in the SIMLES chamber at Intespace Toulouse. These tests verify the thermal performance of the spacecraft module under space [...]

BepiColombo Composite Spacecraft Separation Shock Testing

The BepiColombo Mercury Composite Spacecraft Structural and Thermal Model has undergone testing to demonstrate that it can withstand the shocks induced by the jettisoning of the launcher fairing and by the separation of the spacecraft stack [...]

PROBA-2:Proposals invited for the PROBA-2 Guest Investigator Programme

The Royal Observatory of Belgium is soliciting proposals for analysis of data from PROBA-2’s two solar observation instruments, SWAP and LYRA, under its Guest Investigator Programme. Proposals in response to this Third Call for Ideas [...]

Venus Express:Venus Express unearths new clues to the planet’s geological history

16 May 2012 ESA’s Venus Express has been used to study the geology in a region near Venus’ equator. Using near-infrared observations collected by the Venus Monitoring Camera (VMC), scientists have found evidence that the planet’s [...]

Herschel:How massive stars sculpt a cosmic crib

ESA’s Herschel Space Observatory has captured a new, stunning image of Cygnus X, one of the richest star-forming regions in our cosmic neighbourhood. The image reveals in unprecedented detail the intricate network of filaments, pillars [...]

Hubble:Hubble observes a dwarf galaxy with a bright nebula [heic1207]

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has made detailed observations of the dwarf galaxy NGC 2366. While it lacks the elegant spiral arms of many larger galaxies, NGC 2366 is home to a bright, star-forming nebula and is close enough for astronomers [...]

Herschel:The most powerful black holes quenched their galaxy’s star formation

A survey of galaxies performed with ESA’s Herschel Space Observatory has shown that only the most powerful black holes in the early Universe were able to quench the formation of stars in their host galaxies. This finding is an important [...]