Dr. Pamela Gay – “Make the World Better (Ask if Anyone Minds Later)” – TAM 2012

Astronomer and educator Dr. Pamela Gay calls on skeptics to be proactive in creating a kinder, more rational, and welcoming society for both themselves and others. Live on stage at TAM 2012. With a special musical introduction by TAM emcee George [...]

Transit of Venus pioneer William Crabtree celebrated in Salford

William Crabtree’s observation of the transit was celebrated by Ford Madox Brown in his Manchester Murals in Manchester Town Hall Astronomers in Salford will use a viewing of the latest transit of Venus to celebrate a local’s role [...]

Mexico to witness transit of Venus, as Mayas did before

The Western Hemisphere will be able to view Venus crossing the sun this evening, a last-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In Mexico events are scheduled today across the capital. The ancient Maya, famed for their knowledge of astronomy and highly precise [...]

Transit of Venus App Enables Cosmic Calculations

A built-in timer allows users to calculate the length of the planet’s shadow on the solar disk to reproduce an experiment done in the 19th century with less precise instruments On June 5-6, amateur and professional astronomers alike will [...]

Astronomers spot the faintest ever galaxy

Newfound galaxy secures spot among top 10 most distant known objects in space. Astronomers at Arizona State University have found an exceptionally distant galaxy, ranked among the top 10 most distant objects currently known in space. Light [...]

Mercury, Venus, and the Dance of the Planets || Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Owen Gingerich, CfA For all of us, it’s now or never to see Venus silhouetted against the face of the sun. On June 6 the goddess will transit the sun, a phenomenon not to be repeated until 11 December 2117. May 17, 2012

Black Hole Caught Red-Handed in a Stellar Homicide

Astronomers have gathered the most direct evidence yet of a supermassive black hole shredding a star that wandered too close. NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer, a space-based observatory, and the Pan-STARRS1 telescope on the summit of [...]

Love, Fear, and Greed: Why We Should Go to the Asteroids || Center for Astrophysics

Martin Elvis, CfA Most people fear asteroids as a threat to life on Earth. Scientists’ love of knowledge drives them to check out the material our planet grew from. And a few visionaries have argued that the mineral wealth in the asteroids [...]

Cosmic Train Wrecks – Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

“Observatory Nights” public lecture series from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Lauranne Lanz, CfA Five billion years from now, our Milky Way galaxy will collide with the Andromeda galaxy. This will be an era of both [...]

The Happy Accident

Speakers: Rick Fienberg, S&T editor emeritus Dennis di Cicco, S&T senior editor Bob Naeye, S&T editor in chief Happy accidents do happen! It began in 1929 as a four-page flyer, “The Amateur Astronomer.” Six years later [...]