Pinki Pramanik’s privacy violated

If of late you have been sickened by the way the West Bengal Police have treated Pinki Pramanik, then think again. The extreme voyeurism exhibited in the leak of her video (that is how she identifies herself) medical ‘screening’ [...]

Kickboxer forced into prostitution, kin booked

The Haryana police have booked a 17-year-old national kickboxing player’s parents, brother and sister for allegedly forcing her into prostitution and are looking for four youth for her village in Rohtak district’s Meham for raping [...]

Nizam-era Chest Hospital in ruins

Everybody is eagerly awaiting the ensuing monsoon but not the authorities and patients at the AP General and Chest Hospital at Erragadda. Over the last few days, doctors here have been living on tenterhooks fearing that the hospital housed in [...]

“Wife-sharing” haunts Indian villages as girls decline

When Munni arrived in this fertile, sugarcane-growing region of north India as a young bride years ago, little did she imagine she would be forced into having sex and bearing children with her husband’s two brothers who had failed to find [...]

Explaining why belief in pseudoscience is often evidence resistant

What links belief in tarot cards, UFOs and vaccine rejectionism? Yes, they are all forms of superstitious or magical thinking, but are there characteristics that predict who will believe in such nonsense? That’s one of the questions that psychologists [...]

No end to Endosulfan tragedy

The tragedy of people exposed to pesticide Endosulfan in Kasaragod district of Kerala is continuing. Despite government promises, official efforts to treat and rehabilitate the victims and protect them from further exposure to contaminated soil [...]

D.M. Bennett : The Man Who Went to Jail for Being a Freethinker

DeRobigne Mortimer Bennett is not a name familiar to many, and given how much he fought for freethought, free speech, and a free press, that is unfortunate. Called the “American Voltaire” by friends and the “Devil’s [...]

Jam Session

A soggy, sorry evening with dug-up asphalt swimming in monsoon slush choking with traffic. Rahul Gandhi is forced to take the Delhi Metro to get home. As ad guru Dan Bellack said, “Life is too short for traffic. Another place, another [...]

Some facts and myths of honour killings of India

Some facts and myths of honour killings of India Honour killings not just a north Indian phenomenon. Khap-sanctioned honour killings in north India may have hogged all the headlines but such sordid incidents have been reported from all over [...]

Shocking!!! So are we heading back to the Dark Ages?

Will govt act fast to stop khap terror? It is a serious issue of moving many steps backward and undermines all the efforts and struggles made by our previous governments in ore and post independence era to improve women welfare and hence [...]